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Your Whisk is my command!

One whisk to rule them all! The Express Whisk by Mastrad has by far the most amount of design put into it. For starters, it comes with an auto-whisking action that can be activated by pumping the handle. A simple upward and downward motion makes the whisk rotate with speed (insert fidget spinner reference, regret it immediately)… The whisk even comes with a rubber pad at the bottom to prevent it from slipping, or scratching your precious utensils.

What’s rather interesting is the whisk’s shape-altering mechanism. A knob on the top of the whisk’s wire structure allows you to tighten or loosen a moving metal member that slides up and down the whisk’s shaft, changing the whisk shape from a narrow whisk, to a balloon whisk, to even a flat whisk. This works marvelously in the Express Whisk’s favor, allowing it to slenderly fit into glasses, or bowls, or even whisk/mash ingredients on flat surfaces… Talk about a jack of all trades!

Designer: Mastrad









( H/T: Yanko Design )

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