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YD’s Top 10 Father’s Day Buys!

It’s June! Which means you’ve just made it past Mother’s Day, but now you’ve got Father’s Day coming up on the 18th of the month! Worry not if you’re unprepared, because our elves (they don’t just work around the Christmas season) have curated a winning list of amazing products to wow your dad. Or maybe treat yourself to something nice if you’re a recent-father!

For the Dapper-Timepiece Dad
Undeniably the most intriguing timepiece we’ve encountered, the Bradley watch by EONE brings a tactile element to time by ditching the hands for two magnetically guided ball-bearings. You could either look at the watch to read the time, or conversely you could run your finger across the dial to ‘feel’ time move by… The latter is surely more poetic!



For the Retro-Loving Dad
Remind your father again of the lovely clickety-clack typewriter times with the Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard! It lends its vintage spirit to any device you dock in and gives you the comfort of a typewriter-style keyboard, along with the delightful sound too! The keyboard comes fully equipped with number, symbol, and even function keys. Plus it charges via USB and can run for 3 months on a full charge!



For the Fix-It-Yourself Dad
My father, like most fathers, taught me to always have the curiosity to tinker with products and attempt at fixing them on one’s own. The Mininch Hex Pen puts all the tinkering tools you need into a small yet surprisingly versatile pen. Equipped with all the standard screw-driver bits you’ll need, the Hex Pen comes made in the finest S2 Tool Steel and is available in both Imperial and Metric variants.



For the Connect-With-Nature Dad
Heimplanet is known for their rugged, resilient, roomy, yet ridiculously convenient tents. The Cave, for instance, can be manually assembled by just one person and a pump. The patented outer tube framework gets filled with air and brings the tent’s geodesic shape to life. It also helps in absorbing shock and returns to shape instantaneously if it takes a hit in bad weather. Once done, all you do is deflate the tent, roll it up, and stash it in the back of your car for another day!



For the Pensive-Penman Dad
This is the Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen. It uses a nib made of a special metallic alloy called Ethergraf that can oxidize paper on touching it, effectively leaving a mark without using any graphite or ink. This also means that the pen runs forever. That should definitely have your dad going “Wow, now I’ve seen everything”. Now if that isn’t a fascinatingly great father’s day gift, kindly fax me the definition of what is!



For the Mobile-Network-Problems Dad
In all honesty, this is all of us… but somehow parents have the worst luck with technology. My parents are always complaining about how their cellphone reception isn’t the greatest and how landline telephones were the best. The LinKase Signal Boosting Case for the iPhone puts a physical antenna that can be pulled out when needed and pushed back to give you a flush case design when you’re not on a call. The LinKase by Absolute Technology boasts that its external antenna brings about a noticeable increase in cellphone reception and even mobile internet reception, so no more yelling “Can you hear me now??”.



For the Margheritas-And-Magic Dad
You could buy your dad some glassware, or you could buy your dad some Levitating Glassware! The Levitating Cup by Levitating X literally floats magically off the surface of the table. Using quantum levitation technology to float, the glass holds its place, and won’t topple over if accidentally bumped into. It uses a custom base that’s available in wired and wireless formats, whereas the glass itself comes in different variants! With the floating cup, you won’t need to manually raise a toast anymore!



For the Quirky-Hunter Dad
I think I’m just making adjectives up now! But how about gifting your father some rather cool, PETA-friendly animal trophies? These Papertrophies come pre-cut and pre-creased and ready for assembly. A quick-guide helps you put together these rather amazing pieces of polygonal animal art that are sure to grab eyes once you enter the room! No animals were harmed, obviously!



For the Audiophile Dad
The Trobla speaker is a delightful product to own because since most of us forget to charge our wireless Bluetooth speaker’s batteries, the Trobla was made so that it wouldn’t need one! It magnifies your phone’s inbuilt speaker using a gramophone-style principle, and plus, with its walnut wood body, the sound is made louder, richer, and clearer! You’ll be surprised at how good the audio of your phone can sound when good design takes over! No headphone jack, no Bluetooth, no battery, no problem! Just lose yourself to the music!



For the Shutterbug Dad
Gift your father a camera he’ll cherish for life. Not just because it clicks incredible pictures, but because he’ll get to build it from scratch! You could build it together, for an even more cherishing experience! The Lomography Konstruktor Camera comes in a kit that needs to be put together. When completely assembled, this film camera will click some exquisite pictures. That’s the Lomography Guarantee! Want to go even more wild? Buy the Konstruktor transparent collector’s edition!




( H/T: Yanko Design )

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