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Worry-free Rice!


There are two types of home cooks – ones who love speciality kitchen appliances… and then there are others who microwave everything! Only kidding… but seriously, foolproof devices like the rice cooker are a must-have for any serious home chef. This one puts an artistic twist on the rice cooker, taking inspiration from the waxing and waning moon.

Observing that waiting for that perfect, fluffy rice is similar to waiting for a full moon, designer Abel Seo let the lunar cycle inform the look and process of the Midea cooker. The cooking cycle is expressed in a beautiful, straightforward way on the top section much in the same way we’d indicate the evolving lunar cycle. As easy to understand and operate as it is attractive, it aims to ensure you get your rice just right each and every time!

Designer: Abel Seo








( H/T: Yanko Design )

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