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When Intel redesigns the Google Glass

Google did create the first wearable with the Google Glass, but honestly with its $ 1500 price tag, it sounded like a failure at the get go. Google also has a tendency to fumble with hardware. Their Project Ara met a sad end last year too. However, Intel picked up on the Glass project where Google left off, with its Recon Jet smart eyewear. Much like the Glass, but with much more style and a lot of refinement, the Recon Jet has the aesthetic of a modern Bluetooth earpiece, but sits in front of your eye. It isn’t really an AR or VR device, but it puts a small screen in front of your eye, feeding you information from a small corner… so that you can still see everything around you. I’d like to call this Partial VR.

The Jet works in sync with your mobile phone. Built for athletes, by athletes, the headset is perfect for monitoring stats or navigating… And it costs one third the price of a Google Glass!

Designer: Recon Instruments

BUY IT HERE: $ 349.00 $ 499.00











( H/T: Yanko Design )

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