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Volkswagen ID Buzz Microbus, A New Breakthrough of Electrical Vehicle

The new era for our beloved VW has come!

Volkswagen group is talking about a futuristic car with electric based fuel. It is now brewing the concept of three common vehicles with a high-volume electric battery as the power source over the next five years. The most iconic car will be the Volkswagen ID Buzz. The new concept is expected will redirect attention from its diesel-emission scandals that still hot and ongoing in Europe.

The design was unveiled at Detroit auto show that held in January 2017. The ID Buzz is a modern microbus that basically has the design of the classic Type 2 rear engine box which is the baby of Sixties counterculture. The company chooses this model to show respect on well-loved emotional cars such as the minivan and the Beetles.  The seven-passenger car with 5 hatchback doors will accommodate most of daily needs while still having the classic vibe of VW, a trademark that still greatly respected by automotive enthusiasts all over the world.

Dating back from 2001, the ID Buzz was the fourth new Microbus concept VW had produced in 16 years. The van was the latest development of last year’s Budd-e all-electric concept that is very welcomed by a green living believer. It is what Europeans called as an MVP (multi-purpose vehicle) and North Americans considered it as a minivan. Most of them love the mini bus concept as a family car that can accommodate daily needs with authentic classic style but still giving the modern performance.  

It rides on an extended version of Volkswagen’s dedicated MEB electric-car design.  Furthermore, it uses all-wheel drive provided by one motor each on the front and rear axles. However, the shape and proportions of previous designs will need to be compromised to accommodate a combustion engine.  A thin battery pack will be installed under the floor board for powering the engine at the front and the rear, making a spacious place for passenger and cargo possible. Still, the Buzz is a much larger passenger car with a combustion engine and transmission that will require a right proportion to get it comfortable enough for the ride. Volkswagen hopes with an 110-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, a 150-kilowatt (200-horsepower) electric motor powering each set of wheels is enough to get the van running with total power output of 275kw.

VW group has the most aggressive plans for electric cars compared to the other two world’s largest automakers, General Motor and Toyota. Still, the first electric vehicle built on the MEB platform will not ready to run not until 2019, while the Buzz possibly just can be done and ready to launch at the late of 2022. Even though, this concept is a great innovation among electric vehicles design that brings hopes to the future of sustainable energy source vehicle.

The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation in the last 20 years. The consumer will soon need to depend on green technology and renewable fuel driven by both environmental regulation and increased fuel price. Without a grand breakthrough on the electric vehicle, the emission and exploitation of oil fuel will not get any better at all. Right now, the cost for making and EV is very expensive and almost impossible to reach. However, according to Bloomberg report, this cost will fall dramatically by 2022, the same time as the Buzz planned launch date. At the same time, a classic look and comfortable ride still hold a point of interest in buying a vehicle. Let’s hope the Volkswagen ID Buzz can be the long-waiting answer for the future of green technology vehicle and sustainable living.



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