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Top Navigation and Entertainment Systems

TomTom Go 5000 and 6000

TomTom announces 1 month ago the brand new Go 5000 and 6000, navigators ‘ Always Connected ‘ as stated in the press release which will be coupled with Free Maps for life, TomTom Traffic for life and a new interactive 3D map . Knowing the level of traffic and the conditions present on the paths that we are taking will be extremely easy, the integrated connection is not afraid in fact for the roaming costs and trouble of this kind, having all the services that are available such as the TomTom Safety Cameras.

The new TomTom “Always connected “provides the sat nav for your convenience with the connection to the TomTom Traffic from the very first use. Thanks to a system of integrated connection at no extra charge for roaming, drivers can easily use TomTom Traffic and other services, including the TomTom Safety Cameras.

Motorists can easily access the information they need through a capacitive touch screen with high resolution, with a new interactive map that responds to touch. To find and explore places, simply zoom in and zoom the map with your fingertips, while with a touch on the map you can get an immediate path to the desired destination.

Buildings and monuments come to life in a stunning 3D display, so that drivers can always know exactly where they are.

The sale of Go 5000 (5 ” ) will begin from October 2013 to in a price of € 90 , while the six-inch TomTom Go 6000 is already on the market at a cost of € 359.90 .

Garmin Zumo LM390

Among the new features of the Garmin booth at IFA 2013 there is also Garmin Zumo LM390 , a Rugged GPS, rain waterproof and dust resistant, and easy to use thanks to the large touchscreen with clickable motorcycle gloves .

Interesting features of this model, however, are also features that are not purely navigation-wise. Garmin Zumo has an integrated logbook dedicated to the service where you can score easily when you have made ​​the final checks of the oil top up; change the pads and so on.

In addition to this there is the possibility to connect up to 4 pressure sensors that equip cars and motorcycles older than the ability to control real-time tire pressure, receiving alerts directly on the screen in this case out of parameter.

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