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The Zippo of toothbrushes

I don’t smoke, but I find Zippo’s lighters really charming. They just look so cool, the way you flip them open with one hand while looking undeniably cool (smoking isn’t cool though).

Banale’s travel toothbrush has swag of similar proportions, but instead of nurturing a tobacco habit, it keeps your teeth clean and your mouth fresh! The kit is roughly the size of a lighter, and comes in an absolutely delicious set of color combinations. Flip the lid open and resting inside is a tiny toothbrush, and a small pump activated bottle that holds your toothpaste. Just slide the toothbrush out while working the pump and you’re set to brush them pearly whites! Quirky, convenient, and just adorably different!

Designer: Banale Design

BUY IT HERE: $ 16.99 $ 24.40









( H/T: Yanko Design )

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