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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack!

There’s this pretty viral disease out there that’s really picking up among readers of YD. I like to call it the I-Want Syndrome, and its defining symptom is the want to own something you see on YD with incredible urgency. The Solid Gray backpack gives me the I-Want Syndrome… it looks so incredible, that I can’t help strongly wanting to own it!

The bag is just unbelievably lightweight and that’s because its body is literally made from plastic sheet. This not only gives the bag its low weight, it even provides a rather stiff outer shell that absorbs impact, protecting your stuff inside. Plus it’s even entirely responsible for the bag’s beautifully hypnotic low-poly design. I WANT!

The Solid Gray Bag is available in five different colors and you can even choose between five varied strap colors, although honestly, all of them look absolutely dope! Did I mention earlier how badly I want this??

Designers: Herman Lijmbach & Jasper de Leeuw

BUY IT HERE: $ 200










( H/T: Yanko Design )

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