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Temperature-dropping Terracotta Terraces!


From afar they may look like massive satellites on these buildings, but they’re actually designed for a completely different reason. This primary school building designed for Iran and its rather dry climate, has a double roof. The lower flat one acts as a ceiling for the classroom, and the concave container on top has a two-fold function.

It harvests rainwater, providing the school with a water supply in a country known for its relatively arid climate. What it also does is exploit terracotta’s ability to cool the environment. These earthen discs collect water, channeling them into into reservoirs hidden between the building’s double walls, simultaneously cooling the insides of the classrooms; providing free water and natural air conditioning with every rainfall. The large terracotta discs also help cut direct sunlight from hitting the roof of the building, cooling the interiors even further. BM Design Studio estimates its Concave Roof system could help the school collect up to 28 cubic meters of rainwater, while also reducing electricity costs because of the natural cooling system. That’s one way to make your school cool!

Designer: BM Design Studios










( H/T: Yanko Design )

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