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Taking Advantage of SEO Hosting to Get Your Work Seen

Once you have created your game, app or software the next step is to market it. For many creators and designers this is actually the hardest part, so they use affiliates. Using affiliates can get you a lot of sales, but it makes sense for you to have your own website as well.

Doing so provides you with the opportunity to tell the press and potential consumers about your products in your own way. This ensures that you get your message across in an undiluted way. That helps you to close more sales, and of course, you do not have to pay an affiliate any commission on any sales you make via your website.

Taking Advantage of SEO Hosting to Get Your Work Seen

Many consumers like to do more research before buying. Being able to go to your website and get all of their questions answered gives them the confidence to take the plunge and buy your product.

However, before any of that can happen you need your website to be seen, which means that it needs to rank well and that is where the best SEO hosting comes in. Choosing SEO hosting instead of shared hosting helps in the following ways:

Access to a virtual private server

Most providers offer their SEO customers VPS hosting. This means that your website gets its own area on a server. This is important because it means that you do not end up sharing space with other websites.

That makes your website faster and more reliable, both of which have a positive impact on how well your website ranks. For some time now, Google has been using how fast a website loads as a ranking factor, so the last thing you need is a slow website. Choosing SEO hosting ensures that speed is never an issue.

Taking Advantage of SEO Hosting to Get Your Work Seen

Access to multiple dedicated IP addresses

Most people run more than one website, and want a dedicated IP address for each site to help them to rank better. Having each website on a separate IP address means that if Google penalises one of your websites your other sites will not be penalised as well. Provided you have registered each of your domain names properly, the search engines cannot make the link and penalise all of your websites.

A good choice of operating systems

With SEO hosting it is you that decides which operating system your website runs on. This allows you to choose the best OS for the type of website you are running and present it in as user friendly way as possible, which means that people stay on your site for longer. Dwell time and click through rates are both important ranking factors.

A choice of Geo locations

If you want to target a specific geographic market, you can do it more effectively by hosting your website on servers that are located in that country. Doing this has been shown to give website owners an edge and help them to rank better.


If you want more security and control, you can always opt for a dedicated server, which is something that most SEO hosts offer. With SEO hosting as your business grows you can buy more space and expand.

SEO hosting is not for everyone, but when you are operating in competitive markets and running data rich websites it has many advantages, and is, therefore, well worth opting for.

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