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Shine on, you crazy camera-lens

There was a time when EDM was all the craze, and these spectacles showed up with polarized lenses that would end up making what you saw look like hallucinations. Colors would flash everywhere, you’d see rainbows emanating from lights, it looked wonderful. They’re still around and are called the Aurora Vizion Diffraction Spectacles.

However, enjoying something you wear on your eyes seems like a rather limited approach to diffraction technology. Rather, why not make a camera lens out of it so that everyone on your Instagram can enjoy it, right? That’s what Trippy Clip’s Pryzma (I’m loving how these companies swap the S for a Z to sound hipster…hypzter) camera lenses are doing. The chiseled glass lens splits the image into threes, while a special optical coating allows your images to get a completely hallucinogenic color-blast makeover. Much like living inside a kaleidoscope!

The Pryzm even comes in a regular fish-eye version that warps your images spherically while giving it the signature rainbow treatment.

Designer: Trippy Clip







( H/T: Yanko Design )

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