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Ruggedness Times 6


As the amount of cultivatable land shrinks, so does the need for making new lands agriculturally favorable. Because much of the untouched terrain is treacherous, it requires a seriously tough tool for such a transformation to happen. Aptly named for its 6 figure wheel configuration, Triple V is capable of not just tackling any terrain but tilling or leveling it for a number of applications from farming to structural development.

This modular tractor concept is incredibly versatile and designed to be universally connectable to a myriad of accessories and equipment add-ons. To traverse difficult topography, it features an expanding frame that can increase both the width and wheel base of its six large tires, each of which feature independent suspension and power from inbuilt dedicated electric motors. In addition, it can be equipped with a diesel hybrid engine for extra oomph or when additional raw power is required.

When the going gets a little too tough for human operators to be present, Triple V can work autonomously with help from an integrated drone that surveys the land ahead and assists in mapping the most efficient and best method for leveling. When a human operator is present, they’ll be perched high above the action in an elevated cockpit that actually doubles as a detachable vehicle for traveling short distances back to headquarters or even home between shifts!

Designer: Paolo De Giusti











( H/T: Yanko Design )

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