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Perfect for ‘Soft’ Rock!

I’ve heard of music being a soothing experience, but the Kushion bluetooth speaker pushes limits! The pillow/cushion actually has a pretty darn amazing speaker hidden within its soft, cozy looking exterior. Kushion really aims to change the music listening experience with something refreshing and out of the blue. The audio drivers within the pillow can play back soft tunes when you’re trying to sleep, or can even fill up the room with its DSP controlled audio system. It comes with the longest bluetooth range on the market so you can play your tunes from anywhere in the room, and with 8 hours of battery time, you’re going to eventually run out of music to play! Plus guess what… you can plug your phone into the Kushion and charge your device too! What you can’t do though, is use the Kushion for pillowfights. *sadface*

Designer: David Fuchs

BUY IT HERE: $ 219.99 $ 300.00









( H/T: Yanko Design )

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