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Most Buzzed Designs of May 2017


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in May 2017.


What the Elbow Cassette Player does is innovative, geeky, kitschy, revivalist, and incredibly cool… all together! This small device opens up, swivels, and snaps onto a cassette tape (almost like it was meant to be how cassettes were to be played!).


Panic sets in when you can’t find your keys, or your wallet, or you can’t remember where you parked your car. That’s why we have Mu Tags. These potential life savers are tiny “loss prevention” smart-tags that track the location of the items they are placed on.


This pen is literally timeless. In the sense that it will run forever, that too without a single drop of ink. Coming from the one company that knows timeless design best, Italy’s Pininfarina, the Pininfarina Cambiano pen is a beautiful, sleek writing tool that uses innovative design and material choice to give you a pen (or rather a pencil, given the way it writes) that uses a nib made out of a patented metallic alloy called Ethergraf that can create never-ending lines of graphite on paper.


The Volvo Autonomous Carrier expands on the concept of cargo hauling autonomy by addressing tire wear and maximizing useable space. First, the tire platform sections are separate and turn independently of the main cargo body (unlike conventional trailers) which minimizes tire wear and increases maneuverability. As for the useable space, the lack of a driver makes for more room up front.


Most scratching posts are aimed at keeping the cat’s damage limited to the post itself, but they forget one crucial aspect. Cats don’t desire functionality. They’re weird, curious creatures… and scratching posts too functionally pure for them. The Cone by WISKI, however, isn’t. Designed with a hollow space that the cat will automatically want to sit inside, the Cone is an ideal blend of functional and weird, making it a great cat accessory (or catcessory).


KODA prefab home can be completely disassembled, and reassembled at another location within a day!


The HangSmart allows you to level your artwork, and adjust its placement by moving it upwards/downwards or left/right AFTER you’ve hung your painting.


The Pebble 2017 watch is designed to be as self-sustainable as possible. Unlike other smartwatches that need charging every other day, the Pebble 2017 edition sports an e-ink screen, known to consume 99% lesser energy than an LED Display. The entire UI of the watch is designed in brilliant contrast, and shows wonderfully on the black/white display.


Not many designers exercise the right to say “Hey, let’s just completely forget what we know about a company’s visual language and make an entirely new one from scratch”. Designer Ivan Venkov decided to reimagine Ferrari as a completely new company, fully putting Ferrari’s and Pininfarina’s 60 year design language aside to develop something more aggressive and edgy.


The modular V4 backpack by Black Ember allows you to carry any and everything related to travel, adventure, and photography in a format that is of use to you! Individual compartment cubes (made for separate uses and needs) can easily be customized within the bag, allowing you to carry more or less equipment.


Rather than relying on software, the Pinhole Pro lens allows you to harness the vintage style of photography using your go-to camera.

( H/T: Yanko Design )

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