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Mitsubishi Take on the Air Conditioning Market

Mitsubishi Take on the Air Conditioning Market

In the million pound market of air handling unit development, the contenders are often set in stone. Innovation is rare in the industry, but now automotive giant Mitsubishi is hoping to shake things up by introducing a new signature line of air handling units to the market.

The Japanese company once rose to fame as the sixth biggest auto-manufacturer in the world, but now the company’s sights are set on air conditioning systems, as they introduce the Lossnay Kanzen range to the air handling market.

At a recent press event, representatives from Mitsubishi boldly claimed that the new range of systems could provide a complete cooling solution, combining matched coils with outdoor heat pumps, with on board controls for ease of use, and fantastic heat recovery, all offered in a single package.

Mitsubishi Electric’s ventilation general manager Perry Jackson has announced that the company has worked to develop five different sizes, allowing them to target around 42% of the air handling market by way of airflow size. This prediction of the company’s market share is widened by providing systems to users that have many useful extras already built in.

Mitsubishi Take on the Air Conditioning Market

In the current air handling industry, most manufacturers have an overwhelming habit of specialising in either run of the mill air handling units with no additional features, or bespoke units with a tailored made air conditioning service. Mitsubishi have worked to identify a golden opportunity to provide consumers with the full package, with all the best features of a bespoke, and standard industry solution.

The air handling unit range comes in the form of five different models, bringing together the company’s patented Lossnay heat recovery tech features, and the latest advanced range of Mr Slim heat pumps, to offer customers a service that’s simple and effective. With all things considered, this evaluation has led the folks at Mitsubishi Electric to believe their offering to the market will be one of the most efficient and powerful air handling systems on the market.

The series of model in the range of systems include the LK – 500, 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500, and these variations aim to offer consumers a range of 3,500 to 15,000 cubic metres of air per hour, or 0.97 and 4.17 m3 air distribution per second.

The new systems also give a Co Efficient of Performance, a standard industry measure of air handling unit performance, between 4.88 and 5.69. Coupled with this statistic is an Energy Efficiency Rating of between 5.45 and a whopping 5.69, delivering energy performance that is previously unmatched for standardised air handling unit packages currently in the industry.

Mitsubishi’s latest systems offer a new high standard in the air handling unit industry, and their technology is available for installation by all registered partners, such as Breeze installation, who offer quality air conditioning services and installation in and around the UK.

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