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If Hyundai approached Green-Design differently


Oh what it must feel like to be a designer without restraints! Now if I told you Hyundai was making gardening tools, you’d wonder if I was delusional because it seems far-fetched from a product-development standpoint. However, pitching two unreal worlds together is a rather easy job for a designer who just wants to ideate. There is no budget, there are no constraints, just a playground to exercise your creativity.

So back to Hyundai’s green thumb. Designer HaYoung Lee, inspired by Hyundai’s slogan “New Thinking, New Possibilities”, and by Hyundai’s car grill aesthetic decided to design some low key gardening shovels that look less tool-ish and more elegant. The balanced-looking set of concept gardening-shovels come in three types with thick handles that give you a great grip while you work them against the soil. The grips even collapse inwards, allowing you to make your gardening equipment more compact than ever… and we know how much Hyundai loves all things compact!

Designer: HaYoung Lee









( H/T: Yanko Design )

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