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High Definition Dental Care


How are you supposed to keep your teeth in tiptop shape if you can’t see ’em?! It’s an unreal expectation… until now! The MTG Dental Camera is specialized to link patients with dentists without the need for inconvenient office visits.

The system is like SnapChat for dental care! The camera works with a mobile app which allows the patients to take pictures of their teeth whenever they are experiencing discomfort, for follow up purposes, or to see how their teeth would look like in a whiter tone. Once the picture is taken, they can draw on it and write notes for their dentist. The users can also choose to make an appointment through the app and even specify if it is an emergency for immediate attention. Simply choose your dentist, send them your case, and wait for a specialist to provide instructions based on your images!

Designer: Jorge Trevino Blanco









( H/T: Yanko Design )

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