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Head-Lamp on your Head


If your bicycle helmet has lights on it, does that make it a ‘head-light’? What if the lights act as tail lights for your bike? Does it still remain a head-tail-light?? I’m genuinely confused here! However, I’m also pretty impressed by the Smart Helmet for bikers!

While most bike tail-light/indicator design concepts are attachments that snap to your bike, or to your backpack, the Smart Helmet puts it in the most appropriate place. The helmet. The Smart Helmet is foolproof. It works like a charm, helping the biker see and be seen even when he or she isn’t on the bike. It also encourages a rider to wear the helmet more often, and hey. That can only be a good thing. Am I right?

Designer: Sherif Magdy abdel-aziz Elbeialy







( H/T: Yanko Design )

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