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Go aerial, GoPro!


Badminton meets photography with the Birdie attachment for the GoPro! This shuttlecock-esque accessory for the GoPro gives you amazing aerial shots without the need for an expensive drone. Unlike the rocket shaped AER attachment for the GoPro that propels it in a trajectory, the Birdie is actually designed to travel vertically upward and then take beautiful aerial shots while descending downwards. The attachment’s shuttlecock inspired shape makes sure the camera lens is always facing downward while it drops from the skies!

The Birdie has a soft base that mounts the GoPro. This breaks the impact when your GoPro hits the floor, so your camera doesn’t take any damage whatsoever. It even floats on water, which means you can use the Birdie in the swimming pool, or at the beach or lakeside! Trust me, the results are marvelous, and you don’t even need to break the bank to buy a drone for these amazing aerial shots! Don’t believe me? Check out the #birdiepic on Instagram!

Designer: Ianai Urwicz

BUY IT NOW: $ 49 $ 59






( H/T: Yanko Design )

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