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How Fidget Spinner Craze Can Help You Understand the Latest Marketing Strategy


Fidget spinner begin as a simple toy that is designed to help children channel their nervous energy. The idea is a simple metal or plastic design which rotates freely around a bearing in the middle. There is some odd satisfaction watching the tool spinning on and on. Then the adult gets the hang of it and this little toy became the must-have toy of 2017. Now, million of fidget spinners and its variation have been sold and the toy had achieved its true viral status. Over 5 million YouTube videos and 110.000 Google search about fidget spinner has been made in a month. It is basically taken the internet by the storm and become a new phenomenon that actually hard to explain.

Reviewing this weird but profitable happening, fidget spinner craze is actually a good case study of marketing. What is actually the reason behind all the hype of this simple toy? And how can we apply this experience as a good marketing strategy? The answer is basically the power of the internet. We cannot deny that if a brand can own the internet, and it may welcome a popularity that can give a nice kick on the business so long the trend is here. The power of media is a force that we should embrace open-mindedly in modern marketing strategy, and here is how to make them a good ally.

The power of news cycle

“What’s trending?” is the new power of mass-media marketing. Right now, the internet runs the news cycle run 24 hours, which was a lot different from the days when cable television and television are the main media. It takes less than 24 hours for a story would break and a lot of media competes to make the best coverage before it went stale. However, with “social” media, the pace of news is much faster and often longer or shorter. Shocking news can go trending for few hours until it slowly becomes uninteresting and forgotten. Everything from comments to share plays an important part in prolonging the trend. Add memes and parodies, and you have to build a nice snowball that is ready to get bigger and bigger as time goes by. Right now, the best marketing tools are no longer the mass media, but the people. Everybody is not a passive consumer of the media anymore, but active participants.

Take an example of fidget spinner; many media try to create interesting headline and articles to trigger reader and listener interest. However, it is not the headline that makes it gain its virality, but people’s creativity in transforming a simple spinning tool into the hottest toy with tons of possibility. The part where we interact with the idea through our reactions to every news and post is what make it viral. The fidget spinner makes it impossible to fill the internet with new ideas, videos, and memes and people race to create the best idea every time even without a real benefit, aside from internet fame.

This idea is what is needed in making a successful marketing campaign. It does not have to be a cool or important thing, as long as it is intriguing. However, it is important to understand the right timing to seizing an opportunity of a viral trend. When the idea is first encountered, and you see many people react to it –whether positive or negative reaction, it is very important to keep the wheel running. The best way is to master as many social media platform as possible. You never know where the viral trend will break, so cover as much media as possible and use it wisely as your marketing agents.




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