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Donut waste water!


How is it that with all the water we have around us, we’re still short of the damn thing! It’s high time we started designing responsibly, don’t you think? The Hydr does that by essentially cutting out a large portion of the hand shower to not just make it look interesting, but to essentially save up on water too.

The donut/torus shape of the Hydr’s hand shower is not just a visually interesting detail, it also helps cut water flow by half. Plus, it makes for easy docking on the Hydr’s wall mounted stand. This interaction essentially triggers on and off the water flow, so when Hydr is lifted upwards, the flow begins. The minute you put it back down, the water flow automatically stops.

Hydr’s stand comes with a water temperature control knob that perfectly fits the negative of the Hydr shower, thus visually completing the design. It also has an illuminating water drop on its top surface that lights up to tell you that you’ve consumed more water than necessary. If you’re in a place where you pay for water for domestic use, the Hydr may just be more than a resource saver. It may help you save money too!

Designer: Giulio Dupuy-Urisari












( H/T: Yanko Design )

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