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Apollon by Jongha Lee – Transformable Tablet PC and Work Station Dock

Apollon by Jongha Lee

Maybe we can describe Apollon as a transforming Tablet PC or versatile Tablet PC. The device designed by Jongha Lee, it has different functions – as a user you can turn Apollon as a book reader sized tablet and can ...

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To Game or Not to Game: Hottest Tablets for Playing On-The-Go

Hottest Tablets for Playing On-The-Go

It is a great time for mobile gamers. Tablets are no longer a luxury item, today they are commodity items that are well within most people?s budgets. Not only that but the performance of modern tablets has far outstripped the ...

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SENSE+ iPhone Smoke Alarm Detector

SENSE+ iPhone Smoke Alarm Detector

SENSE+ iPhone Smoke Alarm Detector is a bedside emergency solution that consists of an app and a smart charging dock. SENSE+ use the latest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to sense danger and automatically alert the user in case of an ...

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Grand Wizard Smartphone by Yu Hiraoka – DJ Smartphone Design

Grand Wizard - DJ Smartphone by Yu Hiraoka

Grand Wizard Smartphone by Yu Hiraoka: Grandwizard will not only play your favorite piece of music but will make you a DJ on the go.

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Nokia Note Concept Phone

Nokia Note by Mohammad Mahdi Azimi

Nokia Note concept phone by Mohammad Mahdi Azimi is a concept phone design that integrated a music player within its body with modern sleek design.

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Vertu’s Ti Luxury Android Smartphone by Vertu

vertu luxury smartphone

A new smartphone Vertu Ti, an Android smartphone has been launched by British Luxury handset designer, Vertu.

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Sustainable Smartphone by Michael Mattana, James Paulius & Sayer Murphy

Sustainable Smartphone

Sustainable Smartphone Design Imagine using a smartphone that sports a bare minimum design and yet is functional enough to pass off as the latest high-tech device. The Sustainable Smartphone is just that; it uses fewer materials and its lifespan exceeds ...

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