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Best Indie Games Showcased at E3 2017 That You Should Play


E3 2017 revealed and showcased a lot of interesting video games to play. Many of them came from big players and legendary names, just like Assasin’s Creed Origins and Super Mario Odyssey. Those games were made with million dollar budgets. However, besides those huge games from big players, there were also other titles worthy of checking out. These titles weren’t made by big studios or carried legendary reputation to reboot or continue. They were indie games with a small budget but designed with a lot of passion.

These indie games are also worth to try, so check these out.

  1. The Swords of Ditto

A game that gave a nod to the all-time favorite The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, The Swords of Ditto is an adventure fantasy game with dungeons and interesting battles. In this game, you will play as a hero in the land of Ditto, waking up on a beach only to go right into an adventure. You will then have to fight enemies, finish dungeons missions, and find new items and your missions take you to battle to evil boss Mormon.

When you die in the game, you have to wake up as a new hero and restart the mission from zero. But, it doesn’t mean that the game will be easier because you have remembered all the story. Each time you begin your adventure as a new hero, the landscape changes. It means you will never have the same story or adventure. However, what you did in your previous adventure will affect your next adventure in either negative or positive way. It’s just like karma and reincarnation, only that you will be judged based on your past life success. Sounds cool, right?

  1. Minit

Minit comes from the word “minute” which is literally what the concept of the game is about. At the top left corner of your screen, you’re going to see a clock counting down from 60. You will have exactly 60 seconds or one minute to advance in the game. When the clock goes to zero, your time is up, then you die.

Minit is a simple game but also at the same time ambitious and can even be frustrating. The omnipresent clock will probably stress you out as you figure out ways to make progress.  But once you figure out how to function in the mere minute, the death won’t affect you as much anymore. This is also because after you die, you can continue your path to progress. If you find and pick up a game item, it will not disappear after you die. There are also checkpoints in the game so you don’t always have to begin from the initial location over and over again.  

  1. Absolver

If you’re into playing martial arts action games with either PvP or PVE settings, Absolver is worthy of checking out This is a hand-to-hand combat game where you can choose from different fighting styles to use as you travel across the world defeating artificial intelligence enemies. You can also fight other players’ combatants in the game. When you start, you will have a set of customizable specific moves. As you progress, your character will learn more techniques by battling enemies. As you learn more, your fighting style will be more complex and exciting.

  1. Songbringer

Songbringer is also another title inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. You start your adventure by putting in a seed containing one to six letters that will generate the world full of dungeons and battles. Every time you play the game, the adventure will be different. There are unique items that will give you superpowers like bombs, nano sword, and flying hats. When you find new items, you will unlock new dungeons and new areas. You can also combine regular items to turn them into hilarious combos.



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