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Be Frost-free in a Jiffy

Driving with snow

You wake up for work and head out the door running only to find your car is covered in winter frost! Who has time to wait for their defroster to work?! Most of us end up using a credit card or flimsy scraper to try and get going, but that’s not only tiresome but ineffective… even resulting in multiple casualties per year due to lack of visibility.

With Iglu, it’s easier than ever to defrost your car windows. The design utilizes the same vibration and heating technology that aircraft use to stay clear and defrosted at high altitudes. Simply suction it on to your window and it will disperse heat and ultrasonic vibration to melt and loosen ice! Better yet, it syncs wirelessly to your smartphone and will automatically start the process when you’re phone’s alarm goes off in the morning so you can set it, forget it, and wake up to frost-free windows!

Designer: Oliver Alessandro Perretta











( H/T: Yanko Design )

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