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An Eccentric Electric Wire Lamp!


The very thing that delivers electricity to this lamp, is what makes this lamp! The unusual use of electrical wiring as a design element is what makes the Coil Lamp such an unusual beauty.

Simply using two intersecting pieces of laser cut acrylic as its framework, the 100ft extension wire coils around this framework, becoming the lamp itself! “This simple transformation elevates the status of the humble extension cord to the realm of domestic design” says designer Craighton Berman.

The Coil Lamp is a permanent exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago and can be purchased below. However, if you’re looking to buy the DIY version to build on your own, you can get one for a cheaper price right here! It comes without the 100ft extension, allowing you to choose your own colored wire!

Designer: Craighton Berman Studio

BUY IT HERE: $ 199 (Fully Assembled)








( H/T: Yanko Design )

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