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A portable charger for all batteries!


It’s not common knowledge, but guess what. That portable charger you carry with you can jump-start your car! It’s essentially a rather powerful battery the size of your palm, and it can be a life-saver when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and your car refuses to start. Well, it can charge your phone, so you can call AAA, but why bother when you could just fix your car yourself?!

The Car Jump Starter Power Bank comes with a 12V outlet that allows you to hook the portable charger to your car to give it a boost of power. It can also power air compressors so that you can fix a deflated tire. Obviously, it can charge all your gadgets too.

Designer: PDE Technology

BUY IT NOW: $ 79.99 $ 149.00






( H/T: Yanko Design )

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