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Hottest Upcoming Internet Trends

5 Hottest Upcoming Internet Trends

The web is an ever changing entity. From the days when no search engine existed to today when navigating the internet is super easy, a lot has changed. Now, you can even sell your mobile phone in OLX without having to get out of your home to look for a buyer. This innovation and invention is not about to end anytime soon, In fact, there are signs that the best is yet to come.

Below are 5 of the hottest internet trends you can expect to see in the near future.

1. Implantable health monitors

Soon, you do not have to go to the doctor to know that you are sick. A medical implant under your skin can be used to monitor everything ranging from your heartbeat to nutrient deficiencies. Maybe, for women, it can even tell you are pregnant without you having to take a test. This will certainly improve healthcare and allow quick and early diagnosis of diseases and thus allow early treatment. The same devices can also be used by doctors to monitor the health condition of their patients.

2. Fighting crime

The internet is supporting a tech culture of quick accessibility and miniaturization. This simply means that accessing information online has become easier and can be done at any time as long as there is an internet connection. Miniaturization means that devices are getting smaller and smaller. So very soon, you can place almost invisible cameras in your home and access their footage from anywhere you are. In case of a crime, the police can be alerted quickly. Even in public, this concept can drastically lower crime.

3. DIY manufacturing

This has already started making waves with 3D printing. If this idea goes mainstream, people can easily manufacture items that are usually manufactured in factories. What we will see is even more creativity and innovation as people make the best use of this technology.

4. Wired homes

What would it feel like to switch on your microwave from the office or monitor your baking without having to go into the kitchen? Already things like televisions are being connected to the internet and soon everything else at home including electrical appliances and even security will be connected to each other and to the internet for easier control.

5. Personalized online services

Search engines now understand internet users better than ever before. If this trend continues, you could be provided with highly personalized search results and even advertisements.

Basically, you cannot put a limit on what to expect from the web in the coming future. The only certain thing is that even these trends will still be phased out in favor of newer and better ones.

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