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Best Trends in Christmas Design

4 Best Trends in Christmas Design

The Christmas season is a perfect opportunity for designers of all types to stretch their creative muscles. There are so many styles from the past and present to draw upon, or go in an entirely unique direction. Traditional or non-traditional, retro or futuristic, the Christmas spirit is at the core of the desire to go all out and attract the attention of Old Saint Nick.

The Tried and True Traditional Style

Best Trends in Christmas Design

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The term “traditional” Christmas decoration is a large umbrella that covers multiple design ideas. What they all have in common is the use of popular elements such as snowmen, reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, and Christmas trees. All of the design elements used come in a style that are universally known. Santa is round and apple cheeked. Snowmen are made from two or three snowballs with coal for eyes and mouth and a carrot nose. Christmas trees sport the skirted shape and might have a garland with standard lightbulbs. If there’s a wreath on the door, it comes in pine green and has a bow in red or red plaid on it. 

The Futuristic Retro Christmas

Futuristic retro sounds like an oxymoron, and it is in any other context. The 1950s saw the ushering in of the Space Age, and Christmas went along with it. Silver aluminum trees with colored light wheels were very popular during this era. Green and red were considered passé, and Christmas saw its color become washed out in favor of pinks, silvers, whites, and blues. 

Modern decorators may want to take a page, but not the entire book, from this era by using specific design elements and blending it in with their own concept of a futuristic space Christmas. This type of retro has the potential to feel very cold if not handled right, so make sure to add in warmer tones here and there that merge with the cooler colors. 

Lights Everywhere!

LED lighting in the form of mini lights has changed the way people decorate their homes. Not only are they perfect for decorating your tree or outlining your home, but they can also be used for other occasions. After Christmas, take your mini lights and place them in a mason jar to create a beautiful rustic accent piece for your home.

Since LEDs are energy-efficient it’s now possible to run your lights everywhere and anywhere without worrying about a major power draw. They also come in a variety of colors or no color at all. Another benefit of using mini LEDs from Christmas Lights Etc. is that they last a very long time and are easily stored for the next season, along with keeping the electric bill low.

Cartoon Themes

People love their cartoon characters and make it a point to find ornaments, garlands, wreaths, lights, figurines, and more to decorate with. There is no shortage of Christmas themed cartoon character items on the market, but what if the character is a little more obscure? This is the perfect time to get creative! 3D printing has made it easier than ever to get an ornament made in order to satisfy the desire. 

Of course these are just some of the trends in Christmas design. How would you describe your Christmas theme?

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